Toni Bogusch finally  comes along with a cupple of new Tracks and breathes new life into the autumn-season.

The title „Katz und Maus“ impresses with a cozy Subbass, with which the piece of art begins right away. On one hand a casual male vocal,  which tells about restlessness and relationships,  which are determined from the very beginning through a varying balance of power. On the other hand a playful piano. These three elements shape the character of this  Track. Claps and HiHats and other decent Sounds top of this Peak Time Track. Tech House to fall in love with!

„Rauer Wind“ perfectly fits into Autumn. A mournful, rough Bassdrum and Subbass, a foggy Vocal Snippet and spheric Sounds lead the track in the right direction. A wicked Bassline, which adds to diverse melancolic Synthiesounds and shares the space in the sound spectrum. Halfway through the Track, those elements fuse to form a kind of Hurricane, goad each other to goosebumps, just to leave enough room afterwards for both to gently fade away.

The third Track „Küstenstreifen“ transports the easiness, which most people would imagine when hearing the name. Here also  a Bassline mixed with guitar-similar  Synthiesounds, introduce the track. The Bassline pretty quickly gains momentum and slightly disturbes the peace, in contrast to the sterling rest of the Track. But soon, the distinctive Bassline has to step aside for some more guitar and Synthiesounds, which breathe life into this piece. Alltogether a very positive and happy track, which awakens the desire for the ocean.